"Automatic to artistic" basic class

Photography Workshop/Classes

I am dedicated to helping you take fun, creative photos with YOUR digital camera. You'll receive a simple to understand explanation that will help you enjoy your camera more than ever before.  I'll help you take optimal photos on the automatic as well as Creative settings. I'll teach you why using the proper settings will improve your photos. We'll take photos and discuss how to improve Framing, Focusing, and Lighting options and methods to create wonderful looking photos that will surely impress your friends and family.

This 3 hour class includes an hour of hands on practice.  
Your camera should have Aperture control ability.


  • Use your camera’s “other settings” to capture more than “Point and Shoot” photos
    • Learn how to adjust your camera to capture stunning portraits or vivid landscapes
  • Freeze action and stop getting blurry photos
    • Learn how to set your camera to stop subject at any speed
    • Photograph kids playing various sports or running around having fun
  • Focus on the subject you want and not what the camera wants
    • Learn how to choose focus settings within your camera
  • Create pictures and capture memories that will surprise your friends and family
    • Learn how to “Get Off The Green” and become an artistic photographer

And much more

"artistic to professional" advance

Learn what the pros don't want you to know

Students taking this class should know what the "Exposure Triangle" is, how it works and how to use the aperture control of their camera.  Your camera needs to have an aperture control.

These classes are in depth studying and practicing of various focus, framing and lighting features in your camera and various proven and professional techniques to help you maximize your camera's capabilities as well as your creative skills


  • Choose JPEG or RAW, 
    • Learn what they mean and why to use either
  • Create photos 
    • Learn how to include pleasing “Bokeh” vs a “Blurry” mess behind your subject
  • Capture the sharpest images
    • Learn what the best focus areas are on your lens
  • Select the proper “White Balance” settings 
    • Avoid improper colors within your picture
  • Use advanced settings 
    • Stettings that the pros don’t want you to know about
  • Control manual “AEL” (auto exposure lock) 
    • Learn how to enhance your photos
  • Set your camera’s “Exposure Metering” 
    • Learn how to emphasize various subjects
  • Utilize various “Exposure Compensation” 
    • Learn how to use settings for various lighting conditions
  • And much more