FREE Photography Lessons for Maricopa County, AZ Library Members

North Bend, WA or Goodyear, AZ

Learn how to improve your photography in Private or Group Classes

Private Class

You and Your Camera

These classes are dedicated to your photography needs and your specific camera.

My private classes are for a student or couple wanting special attention to their photography objectives.  Classes are scheduled with a 3 hour per session minimum.  This allows for proper understanding of your specific camera, and includes an hour of hands on practice with my assistance.

Classes are held at my home offices in:

  • North Bend, Wa (July to October)
  • Goodyear, AZ (October to July)

Three hour sessions are $50 per hour.

Have Fun

I am happy to say that many of my private lesson students have taken their photography to the professional level.

Most students have just had fun becoming better photographers of the memories they want to capture.

  • Kids as they grow up
  • Special events
  • Sports and Action 
  • Vacation travels
  • Scenery or Landscape
  • Having a hobby
  • Creating pictures not just snapping photos