About Sandy

I Love Teaching Photography

I'm an honorably discharged Marine, Corporal, retired Sales Manager, and now a professional photographer/teacher, who has devoted many years to converting my photography hobby into becoming an admired photographer and more importantly a teacher of the "art of photography".  I enjoy taking pictures of almost anything, but if I had to make a choice, I guess it would be flowers; although my action-packed sports photos have been published in newspapers and magazines.  

Capturing Memories

I began teaching photography professionally in 2009, for the local Parks District. Private classes are held in my home office and group classes are held at one of the Phoenix area libraries.  I enjoy helping my students get off the automatic settings and create photos by using their camera's manual or creative settings.  

My photography classes are fun, and very well received by my students (over 3,000) who are now members of Club SnapShot.  My students range from 11 to 80 years young, and are interested in having fun learning how to use their current digital camera to capture and share their admired photos and lasting memories.

Sharing Stories

Being a photographer has enriched my life in many ways. It has brought me satisfaction, and has allowed me to capture special moments in the lives of the people close to me.  Photography has also been a wonderful part of my travels and allowed me to show others the world as I see it. 

Being a photography teacher has given me the gift of learning. Learning about the latest and greatest photography equipment, learning from other professional photographer’s new techniques, and most of all learning from my students about how to improve my teaching skills.