Comments from my students

I Love All Comments From My Students, Big thanks to those who have .

"Incredible instructor!! After learning from Sandy, photography as become the best part of my life!! Thanks Sandy!!"
Lawyer, Bellevue, WA

"Great teacher. One of the nicest person I know. His works are truly amazing! One of my idols."  

 Sheryl, Phoenix, AZ

"Sandy was great! My husband was a little skeptical about taking the class, 

but he has barely put his camera down since."    

Jane, Bellevue, WA

"Sandy's patience and enthusiasm are obvious and contagious. We learned a great deal about our cameras and about taking better pictures, in a way that no manual could ever accomplish. Completely worth it. Thank you Sandy!"    Student, Living Social 

"Really excellent. Time to practice and presentation is well done. Really simplifies what you could find on the internet or your camera's manual. Sandy makes you a highly effective photographer in a short time." Student, Groupon 

"I really enjoyed the class last night and I really enjoyed Sandy's teaching style.  I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him!"  Julie, New Castle 

"He was so informative and so patient to explain the details. I cannot wait to attend the advanced class."    Student, Living Social

"Nothing but good things to say!

Sandy is very professional in his approach and welcomes those of us who want to take our time in learning the basics of professional photography as well as possessing the knowledge for those of us who wish to go far beyond the basics and take photography to a professional level! I have done nothing but speak of my experience since I left his studio."    Student, Groupon 

"Thanks for the class.  I loved it and you made learning easy, and I can't wait to work with my camera more." 

Jamie of Enumclaw, WA 

"Very informative in a way most can understand. Looking forward to the advanced class." 

Student, Living Social 

"Kyle and I really enjoyed meeting you and having the opportunity to learn from you last night. We both love your style of teaching and are looking forward to future sessions." 

Jennifer & Kyle, Redmond, WA

"I had to send this e-mail to thank you for taking your time (yes I know I paid) but I learned, and if you can teach a photography incompetent like me and get me so turned on, I cant imagine what you could do with someone who had some talent to begin with….BUT – you won't find anyone who has more stick to it, enthusiasm, or passion than me – once I understand and really get the message you are trying to impart." 

Richard, Redmond, WA